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ThermaLift Insulation Systems

Higher Thermal Performance Lower Cost

The ThermaLift Insulation System provides a competitive alternative to meet the most demanding energy codes, including IECC-2015 and Canada’s NECB-2011. Designed for use with SSR standing seam roof, when installed with our new 1” thermal block and R-19 plus R-30 insulation, the system delivers a tested U-factor performance as low as 0.029 or an effective R value of 34.0. ThermaLift is sold as a complete system which includes SSR panels, clips and fasteners, along with the insulation bridge and insulation materials.

  • Provides higher thermal performance for year-round comfort and energy efficiency
  • Achieves compliance in climate zones with high thermal demand
  • Provides energy performance and long term weather protection backed by warranties
  • Saves building owners money on initial construction and over the life of the structure
Product ID: ThermaLift Insulation Systems

Optimize energy efficiency with our ThermaLift Insulation System. Featuring the unique insulation bridge design, ThermaLift allows for more insulation to be installed above the structural secondary. Thermal performance testing in accordance with ASTM-C1363 has resulted in U-factors as low as 0.029. The result is a cost effective roof system that meets today’s more stringent energy codes, including IECC 2015 and Canada’s NECB 2011 code. Developed to work with VP’s SSR Standing Seam Roof system, ThermaLift includes a proprietary 5”x48” insulation bridge to provide additional space for insulation between the roof panels and the building structure. Made from sturdy 22 gauge galvanized steel, the bridge, when combined with the SSR clip offerings, lifts roof panels by up to 7“ above the secondary structural creating enough space for two layers of blanket insulation for an U-factor performance as low as 0.029. As part of the complete system design, the insulation bridge also helps to maintain panel alignment for efficient installation and an attractive finished roof. The ThermaLift insulation system is compatible with a variety of structural options including purlins, WideBay Trussed Purlins and bar joist. Engineered to be installed above the building structure, ThermaLift eliminates the need for banding, and reduces installation time and costs when compared to other alternatives. Additionally, once the roof is installed, structurals are accessible to other trades for attaching items such as duct work and sprinkler systems. ThermaLift works with Sky Web II™ to provide additional protection for workers during construction and an attractive liner for insulation once the building is finished

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