SSR Low Slope Roofing System, Williams Building Group Ohio

SSR Low Slope Roofing System

Combine the best roof choice for long term, low maintenance, weather tight performance

The SSR System is a low slope, clip mounted standing seam roof that meets the most demanding performance specifications. These durable, low maintenance panels are interlocked and mechanically field seamed into place, yielding a single membrane, allowing for quick construction at a lower cost. The slotted clip allows up to 3 1/4" of thermal movement. Our standing seam roof ridge system seams together and provides a true expansion joint. Panels are available in standard 24 gauge, with 22 gauge option, and finish options of unpainted Galvalume or 14 KXL Cool Colors.

  • Unique ridge and clip design delivers long term weather tightness
  • The panels are mechanically seamed to a full 360° interlock to form an effective single membrane
  • Available in cool colors for improved energy efficiency
Product ID: SSR Low Slope Roofing System

If you are looking for value with durability, our SSR Standing Seam Roof offers economical construction and superior performance backed by an available 20 year weather tightness warranty. Made from sturdy Galvalume, SSR panels come standard in 24 gauge steel, with 22 gauge optional. Finish options include unpainted Galvalume or KXL paint. The KXL paint system is a PVDF finish that gives long life color and resists fading and chalking. KXL is a 1 mil nom. PVDF finish with 70% Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 standard. Standard roof pitches range from 1/4”:12” up to 4”:12”, to achieve the roof slope you desire. SSR panels are factory formed and field machine seamed in place yielding a single unit membrane. The SSR ridge system is efficiently installed requiring only one weather sealed joint. The special clips used to attach SSR panels to structural members are designed to allow panel movement up to 1-5/8” inch in either direction (or up to 3-1/4” movement) to compensate for thermal effects. The concealed clips minimize the need for through the roof fasteners. UL Class 90 rating for wind uplift and FM Class 1-60, 1-90 and 1-120 ratings are available for most applications. SSR panels can accommodate up to 6 inches of faced fiberglass blanket insulation for high levels of energy efficiency. Panels are available in lengths up to 50 feet, which minimizes end lap conditions. SSR’s patented ridge system and unique panel design provides a long-lasting, weather-resistant roof. SSR Roofs are backed by industry leading warranties for materials, workmanship, finish and weather tightness. Available accessories include DuraCurb, PrisMAX SL skylights and other roof mounted accessories.