RPR Wall System, Williams Building Group Ohio

RPR Reverse Rolled Wall Panel System

This functional wall panel accommodates additional insulation for greater energy efficiency

RPR Panel is a reverse rolled version of our popular Panel Rib profile. This economical wall system features self drilling, color matched fasteners and a 36" panel width to provide a continuous wall panel from foundation to eave, eliminating the need for end laps, while assuring wall integrity and weather tightness. The metal wall panels are available in 14 standard KXL finish colors and a variety of custom colors. RPR can effectively use up to 6' of blanket insulation, as well as up to 2-1/2" of rigid board insulation.

  • Variety of gauge thicknesses to meet most codes and specifications
  • Superior paint finishes reduces maintenance costs
  • RPR’s recessed fastener locations give the panel a semi-concealed profile with bold architectural lines
Product ID: RPR Reverse Rolled Wall Panel System

The RPR panel wall system is an attractive, high quality, low maintenance panel based on a “reverse rolled” version of the Panel Rib design. RPR is a 36” wide panel with a 1-1/4” rib profile. Available in lengths of up to 41’, RPR can provide continuous coverage from foundation to eave, eliminating the need for end laps and assuring superior weather tightness. Panels come standard in sturdy 26 gauge steel or in 24 and 22 gauge options. RPR panel’s deeper profile accommodate up to 6” of faced blanket insulation or up to 2-1/2” of rigid board, creating a more thermal efficient building envelope. All gauges of RPR are available in fourteen (14) standard colors with KXL finishes. The KXL paint system is a PVDF finish applied to the zinc or zinc aluminum coated steel to give a long life color that resists fading and chalking. KXL is a 1 mil nom. PVDF finish with 70% Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 standard. RPR’s recessed fastener locations give the panel a semiconcealed profile with bold architectural lines. RPR comes with a complete trim package including gutter and rake trim, corners and base trim to provide an attractive finished appearance.