PrisMAX & Tru Skylights, Williams Building Group Ohio

PrisMAX & Tru Skylights

The PrisMAX skylight system uses a water diverter at the high end of the installation to provide a weather tight barrier and direct water run off.

The PrisMAX skylights come standard in lengths of 10’. Skylights can be connected end to end with additional 10’ or 5’ sections to create a continuous skylight. The design of this day lighting system allows for maximum light with a minimum of roof penetrations. Featuring a tri arch domed, prismatic lens, the system allows more sunlight into the building for more daytime hours than alternative skylight options. Lenses are designed to optimize light transmittance and diffusion, providing balanced lighting inside the building while eliminating hot spots.

  • Easy to install skylight system allows maximum daylighting and superior performance with prismatic lens
  • PrisMAX SL & TRU self curbing system utilizes Sunoptics’ patented prismatic lens to maximize lighting performance throughout the day. Provides weather tightness with unique diverter to prevent ponding.
  • When installed with the sensor controlled systems, lighting demand can be reduced by up to 70%
Product ID: PrisMAX & Tru Skylights

The PrisMAX SL (Sky Light) and TRU (Tuf-Lite Retrofit Unit) prismatic sky lights offer outstanding lighting and weathertight performance. These skylight strips are ideally suited for a vast array of daylighting requirements. When used along with sensored lighting controls, PrisMAX systems can reduce lighting needs and cost. Providing more light for longer periods of the day will enhance a wide variety of indoor activities for customers, employees and visitors in your facility. These 24” wide skylights come in standard 10’-0” lengths that allow easy attachment of additional 5’-0” or 10’-0” units to create an extended “string” of units with minimal roof penetration. The self-curbing design of the PrisMAX skylight systems provide superior weathertightness while reducing the number of roof penetrations compared to other solutions. Skylights can be put in after your standing seam roof is installed. Designed to fit the SSR roof, the PrisMAX skylight units work for either new or existing roof applications. The PrisMAX TRU system is designed to replace existing Tuf-Lites currently installed on a SSR roof. The PrisMAX skylight’s patented shape prismatic lens provides tremendous strength while maximizing daylighting performance at low sun angles, extending the illumination capabilities for more hours of the day. PrisMAX’s unique lens also creates a higher visible light (up to 70.0% transmittance and optimal light distribution with 100% diffusion). PrisMAX skylights come with an insulated frame and thermal breaks designed to reduce the chance of condensation forming on the interior of the skylight frame. In areas of high humidity or cold climates, a triple lens dome is available for additional condensation protection. PrisMAX skylight systems come with optional fall protection and burglar bars beneath the skylight to provide additional safety and security.